📢 Update v1.4.0 is out! 📢

VR arcade shooter with a twist

Play with your whole body

Use your body to control the spaceship through the maze while clearing the path with twin guns. Move to guide the ship, raise your hands to speed up, crouch to slow down.

Zero learning curve

Vrickey is a casual game that is easy to learn, but make no mistake—this challenging arcade will put your multitasking skills to the ultimate test!

More movement in less space

The game automatically resizes to your play area. We recommend a large, wide Guardian for maximum movement and a fun fitness experience.


  • Campaign: 5 stages x 10 levels = 50 levels in total
  • Arcade: Infinite survival in normal, hard and turbo modes
  • 4 different weapons, 3 different achievements per level
  • Using movement and body gestures to control the ship
  • The game scales to fit the play space; increase the boundary size for a larger and more difficult game


How to play?
  • Raise your hands to speed up
  • Crouch to slow down
  • Lean back for
    backward flip
  • Jump to activate a special weapon